Trafalgar Square #FourthPlinth – Shortlist for 2018 and 2020

Quick!  Look at the ideas for filling the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square, London, and vote on what you like best.

Exhibition at The National Gallery (downstairs, East Wing) until 26 March 2017.

Or click here to see them on line.


Swimming update – 31 May 2013

I’ve not been very diligent with my swimming during the last month.  But, now I’m back in London, I’m going to restart with renewed excitement!

When I first came back, I tried swimming session 8 of the programme but I wasn’t up to it.  I think I need to build up my fitness again.  I had thought I might go back and re-do the Get Toned programme.  However, the pool in my health club in the UK – Virgin Active – is 20m, the same as the one I was using in Australia.  Therefore, I have decided I shall just restart the Get Fit programme.

So far, I’ve redone sessions 1 and 2.  They went well and I felt pretty good about my fitness and about my swimming style.  I’ve really learn a lot over the last six months.

I’ve now swum 2232 lengths.  I finished up to Get Fit session 7 and am now repeating those first seven sessions.  I’m up to session 2 on the re-start.

Swimming update – 29 April 2013

For these updates I ask myself: how’s it been going with swimming?  And the answer today is: it hasn’t!

I have just not managed to get myself back into the habit of swimming after the break for the family holiday.  I’ve allowed lots of things to put me off ever since the last time I swam on 12 April.

However, today I have finally got back in the water!

As it turned out I completed the full programmed session, 78 lengths, with little trouble and with all three strokes working well. I am pleased with myself.

I’ve now swum 2,028 lengths and I’ve finished up to Get Fit session 7.

Now to work out how to keep myself swimming.

Swimming update – 15 April 2013

I’ve now swum 1950 lengths and I’ve finished up to Get Fit session 6 –

But I’ve not done a lot recently.  When the family were visiting, I was too exhausted – not their fault at all but we toured them all over the city and the area and exhausted everyone.

I did an 82-length swim before they arrived and then an 58-length swim, 17 days later, after they’d left and I’d had two nights’ sleep!

I’ll not do more until the weekend now because we are away.

I find the swimming OK but this Get Fit programme has sessions that are a lot longer.  I find this really puts me off because I feel I need to carve out more time to do them.  Next week I’ll see if I can fit sessions into my day.  I may have to adapt the programme to keep swimming regularly.  We will see how it goes.  Back in 11 days or so.

Swimming update – 22 March 2013

I’ve now swum 1,740 lengths and I’ve finished up to Get Fit session 4.

In looking that up, I made an interesting discovery: the dashboard on Swimfit keeps counting lengths from one programme to the next.

The Get Fit programme is very similar to the Get Toned programme except that the sessions are longer and use all three strokes from the beginning.  I notice in particular that the warm up sections are getting longer – up to 18 lengths so far.

I’ve done the first four sessions.  Several of them have sections of four lengths or more just pulling or kicking.  It occurred to me that these exercises are good for core strength because it is harder to balance in the water when only kicking or pulling.  I have to work hard to kick or pull at a hard pace.

I’ve started to swim a variety of strokes in the swim down section, to give all the muscles I’ve used a chance to swim down.

In summary, it’s been going quite well. During the next couple of weeks we have family staying so it might be a bit hard to find time to swim, especially as the sessions are getting pretty long – 58 is the shortest of the next 3 – but I’ll try.