Lock the Door by Jane Holland

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Lock the DoorLock the Door by Jane Holland

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The book starts as a case of a missing baby and I thought it had interesting parallels with the Madeleine McCann case where a British child disappeared from her bedroom in a Portuguese holiday complex although her parents checked on her regularly. I wondered if it might even shed some insight or light on that case. I suppose it is still possible that it does but I’m not convinced of the believability of the conclusion.

I thought the first half, which is the immediate aftermath and police investigation, was very good, making me want to keep reading, although I wanted to shake Meghan or rescue her, I wasn’t sure which. I’d prefer a bit more about the police procedure but that is mostly about my liking of police procedurals!

However, the second half went off the rails a bit for me. It turns in to more of a domestic story, the consequences of infidelity on married couples with one wronged party reacting quite passively while another goes off the extreme, irrational, deep end. I didn’t understand the motivation of the protagonists, perhaps because the key players in the denouement were not sufficiently rounded to me. Everything is described through Meghan’s eyes and she seems self-absorbed, reasonably so given what is happening to her, but that leaves us with limited understanding of key players. I did wonder if beefing up the police procedural structure would have been a better way to tell the story. You could really have expected a change of gear in the police investigation which instead seemed to disappear from view.

It was well written and I did feel for the protagonist and was quite shocked by what happened to her. I just wish the second half had turned out differently.

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