One of my meditations uses a visualisation of a lake.  This is the lake I imagined.

Who knew the lake could be such a potent image for me?  In my blog outlining my experiences in my first week of learning meditation, find it here, I explained how the meditation worked.  I also wondered if it was a good meditation for me – it didn’t help me focus, it inspired my imagination.  This is the result of the week’s meditations.

The Lake – my lake


Ruffled surface with no reflections

Reflections of the hills, mountains, trees, forests, soaring skies

Visible, crystal clear, seeing the bottom

Rough and wild,

Whipped up by the wind – or moon-driven waves

Still and calm beneath the surface

Then home to a thousand species, waving and darting, lurking and darting.

Stretching out to many different places and ideas and thoughts – beaches of fun; wild rocks; sewerage outlets, industrial water and cooling, sailing boats and swimming areas, fishing, floating, staring up at the blue, blue sky …

Tree lined shores, overgrown and weeds of different colours.

Inlets from high mountain streams

Outlets flowing on into the sea

Connecting and connected

Shaping the land and shaped.

Reflecting the sunshine and the blue of the sky

Dark under the storm clouds as the rain replenishes.

Underneath in the deep part a sunken city – spires, bell tower with bells still chiming

My lake.