Steinbeck on Writing

This is a really good reminder of key elements of writing: focus on writing, not finishing; write freely, re-write later; have one person, real or imaginary, in mind; bogged down, leave your boots behind and move on; overly fond of a scene, it probably has to go; say your dialogue out loud.  Nice one from The Daily Post!

Read it here:

Steinbeck on Writing.

Oh and thanks for the easy “daily” post!


Entering the dragon’s gate

I have embarked on The Artist’s Way At Work, hereinafter known as TAWAW.

This is a 12-week course, embodied in a book called The Artist’sWay at Work – Riding the Dragon by Mark Bryan, Julia Cameron and Catherine Allen.  You can find out more here

The aim is to become more authentic, more productive and better able to see and speak my truth in all aspects of my life. What I really love is the idea that by becoming more creative I can help create a more creative enviroment around me as well.  It is a self-centred process but one that promises to be grow outward and be of value to more than just me.

One of my friends showed me the original book, The Artist’sWay.  I know I used to own a copy but I never followed the course.  Now the time just seems right.  However, when I looked on-line and saw TAWAW, I thought that would work better for me since I go to work.  So, here I am, entering the dragon’s gate, as the first step is called.

I wonder if it will also help me Post once a week as I said I would.  We shall see.

Meanwhile, has anyone tried this before or is following it now?  What did ou think of it?  Let me know.

The dragon is stirring!  Let’s ride!