A year ago today …

We arrived in Australia for our big adventure.  The sun was shining and it was hot.  We had to buy Graham a hat.

Of course, that was 28 February 2012.  Is that the right way to identify “a year ago”?

52 weeks ago, it was 1 March 203 and we’d had 29 February 2012 as well as 28 February 2012.  On 29 February 2012 we moved into our temporary accommodation – and met our first Australia cockroach!  Wouldn’t want to miss that!

So what is a year ago? The date? The day?


A day for symmetry?

It’s 13 February 2013 today.

So, if you write that in numbers you can create fearful symmetry:


Or even:

13 2 13

I like that.