Swimming update – 31 May 2013

I’ve not been very diligent with my swimming during the last month.  But, now I’m back in London, I’m going to restart with renewed excitement!

When I first came back, I tried swimming session 8 of the programme but I wasn’t up to it.  I think I need to build up my fitness again.  I had thought I might go back and re-do the Get Toned programme.  However, the pool in my health club in the UK – Virgin Active – is 20m, the same as the one I was using in Australia.  Therefore, I have decided I shall just restart the Get Fit programme.

So far, I’ve redone sessions 1 and 2.  They went well and I felt pretty good about my fitness and about my swimming style.  I’ve really learn a lot over the last six months.

I’ve now swum 2232 lengths.  I finished up to Get Fit session 7 and am now repeating those first seven sessions.  I’m up to session 2 on the re-start.


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