Greet your news with a fanfare

This is another instalment of the occasional series: things about Australia that strike me as odd or different.  Offered in a spirit of affection, not criticism.

In this case, it is the fanfare for ABC radio news.

The ABC is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.  Like the UK’s BBC, it is known as Auntie in the country and it is the state-funded broadcaster.  Let them tell you more about themselves, here.

But my only point today is that on the radio, particularly on ABC RN, the news is heralded by a trumpet fanfare.

I expect it is useful for signalling to the listener that it is time for the news.  To my ears it sounds, well, like they are blowing their own trumpet!  It has taken me a year to get used to it.

It turns out that the ABC used to use the fanfare for their television news and discontinued it.  You can see the fanfare on YouTube here.  It’s only the first part that is used on the radio

Of course, that makes me think: Sky News and BBC News 24 in the UK both use rousing music to lead into their headlines and main broadcasts.  Funny how things seem different on different media – and in a new country.

I wonder what will strike me as odd when I arrive back home.


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