White Bay Cruise Terminal

There is a big new property development in Sydney and it’s displaced the cruise ships that visit the city.  After months of watching the work, today I’ve seen the first ship to berth at the temporary replacement.

Here she is: the Pacific Pearl.

Pacific Pearl arriving at White Bay at 7 am on 15 April 2013

Pacific Pearl arriving at White Bay at 7 am on 15 April 2013

She arrived in the early morning, sailing almost to the old terminal at Barangaroo, on the Western side of the Central Business District (CBD), before reversing into the new berth at White Bay.

Things happen quite slowly at sea.  I was too impatient to watch constantly.  I went away and did other things and just checked back periodically.  At the end though she sailed smoothly into place.  Well done to the P&O captain!

White Bay terminal is in the suburb of Balmain.  I wonder how the high rise of the ships will affect the locals’ light.  At least the ships normally stay only during the day – and not every day.

I also wonder how the cruise passengers will like it.  It is further to go to get to the terminal and the traffic coming over the ANZAC bridge can be grim.  Leave plenty of time to catch your cruise, people.

Cruise ships come into Sydney for two reasons: as a terminal at the start and finish of a cruise; and as a port of call during a cruise.  If you end up at White Bay for a port of call, you will spend a lot of time getting to and from the boat.  Perhaps they will keep those ships coming into the terminal at Circular Quay, which is right in the middle of things.

Here’s to a historic day: the day White Bay opened for business!  Raise those champagne glasses!


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