The Swimfit Get Fit Programme!

I used my recent gardening leave to swim, rather than to garden.  I have blogged elsewhere about the Swimfit Get Toned programme that I have been following.  Read about it and the Swimfit website here.

After finishing the Get Toned programme, I took a moment to celebrate, and then I moved on to the Get Fit programme.

Get Fit is a “structured Swimfit Motivate programme with 30 sessions for the swimmer who wants to improve fitness and stamina”.

I started the programme on 14 March 2013.  I see it as quite a challenge.  The sessions are much longer than those of Get Toned.  The shortest is 36 lengths and most sessions are around the 70 to 80 lengths mark.  One is even over 120 lengths!  Apart from anything else, it takes longer to complete so makes more of a dent in the day.

My objective is to complete half the sessions before we leave Australia towards the beginning of May.  This is a stretch target, given the entertaining, sightseeing and packing that we have scheduled.  It will be an achievement.

When I arrive back in London, I’ll be using a much longer pool.  I’m thinking of going back to the beginning of Get Toned and using a proven programme to build up my stamina slowly.

Anyway the next few weeks will be the Get Fit programme.  It follows the same pattern as the Get Toned programme:

  • Warm up – quite long sections
  • Skill development
  • Main set – lots of interval training as well as days where there are just long endurance swims.
  • Swim down.

There are just more lengths in each section.  Well, I now have three stroke strokes to deploy.  Here we go!


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