The results of “the happy secret to better work”

Back in February of this year, I set out to see if 21 days of positive actions for 2 minutes a day can create happiness and better productivity! So, how did I do?

This was all inspired by Shawn Achor’s TED talk where he talked about happiness improving personal productivity and gave some 5 practical daily exercises he’s used with many people in many organisations. Read all about the inspiration here.

Yes, yes, but, how did I do?

  • I struggled to complete the morning tasks at weekends and when I was out and about.  It fell apart when I was not feeling well or too busy.  I wondered if it was because I was doing it on my own, not as part of a team.
  • I really struggled to remember in the morning what were my gratitude points during the day before.  I also wondered if you could count things like: lovely weather.
  • The idea of sending a random act of kindness to someone felt artificial.

On the other hand, the exercise:

  • Got me writing my diary again, which I find makes me feel better.
  • Made me appreciate the value of having a moment to consider what you are grateful for every day.
  • Supported my attempt to learn meditation because doing meditation is one of the 5 exercises.
  • And I liked the idea of a random act of kindness. Thinking about others and reaching out to them is a good discipline when I tend to be so introverted.

What I realised is that my negative thinking at the time was about a very specific situation. I only started to feel better and happier when I started to look for positives in that situation.

In summary, I’m not sure it works so well in isolation, better in a team, and it wasn’t as simple as the TED talk made it seem.  However, I actually enjoyed doing it and it had some benefits.


2 thoughts on “The results of “the happy secret to better work”

  1. That was interesting, and prompts me to be a better journal writer. It made me wonder if those activities would be suitable in a group since they might be grateful about different, or even opposite, things.

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