Equinox – again!

I am recognising the equinox again today.  It falls at 5.15 am Universal Time.  Since summer time hasn’t started yet in the UK, that is 5.15 am in the UK, 6.15 am in Spain and 4.15 pm here in Sydney.

Back in September 2012, as the Southern Hemisphere enjoyed its vernal equinox, I blogged about the equinox event and the difference between it and when we experience 12 hours of daylight.  You can read about that here, if you wish.

Today, I note that London has already passed the moment when the daylight is only 12 hours.  On 17 March, the sun rose at 6.10 am and set at 6.09 pm, just under twelve hours.  On 18 March, the sun was with you for 12 hours 2 minutes and 45 seconds, from 6.08 am to 6.10 pm.  With the recent weather, that might not have been very obvious!  But, don’t fret, summer and the long days of light are coming back.

In Sydney, 24 March, next Sunday, is equal day and night.  The sun will rise at 7.01 am and set at 7.01 pm.  Winter is on its way.


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