Swimming update – 11 March 2013

I’ve now swum 1,552 lengths and I’ve finished up to Get Toned session 30 – THE FINAL SESSION OF THE PROGRAMME! Yay, me!

If you have been keeping track, you’ll realise that my update is a little late.  What with one thing and another, I swam only once in the week ended 8 Friday so I decided to leave this update until I’d done a couple more sessions.

Last time I reported an injury to my left arm on Saturday 2 March.  This got better quite quickly but I decided to rest it so I next swam on the following Wednesday.  My arm twinged a bit when I swam back stroke so I avoided doing too much of that and it held up well.

There were a few challenges in the three sessions.

Firstly, very few of the sessions in this programme include long stretches of swimming without rests.  Therefore, when I had to swim 24 lengths without stopping in one of these sessions, that was hard.  However, I managed it and was pleased with myself.

Another session was 74 lengths long. Or at least the total number of lengths was said to be 74 but, when you read the detail, it added up to 80.  What to do?  74 lengths was already very long so I dropped 6 lengths out of the 36-length long skill development.  It seemed a good solution.

The same session also required me to swim every stroke at a hard pace, including back stroke.  That is the first time that I managed to do that.

Finally, and quite surprisingly, the last session called for me to skull on my back, without moving my legs.  That was REALLY HARD on the arms and I felt really awkward in the water.  I think it was good for core strength.

And, that’s how the sessions went.


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