International Women’s Day

This post is a “big shout out” to everyone marking International Women’s Day 2013.


IWD has been around for many years. The United Nations started celebrating it in 1975.

In many countries, IWD is a public holiday – sometimes only for women, which is an interesting thought: is that right? That makes it a day to benefit only one part of the human race. Perhaps it is better when it is there for everyone to celebrate and work together to improve the position of women which, research tells us, improves the position of everyone in society.

South Africa, meanwhile, has a National Women’s Day but it is on 9 August, to commemorate the day in 1956 when women participated in a national march to petition against pass laws.

IWD is always quite close to Mothers’ Day in the UK because that falls in Lent. The roots of Mothers’ Day or Mothering Sunday lie in an old, church holiday when people went back to their Mother Church. But, to be honest, that’s just a random fact and has nothing to do with IWD really.

So, back to IWD 2013.

Google had a Google Doodle for us: a collection of women’s faces from around the world. If you look at this website you should be able to see it even if the day has already passed. Or, of course, if it is still 8 March where you are, just go to Google!

There is a ribbon to wear and that is what is in the picture. I bought it. I’ve been wearing it. But, given that I’ve not been out today, I’m not sure if I’ve really made the most of it. So, I’ll publicise on the blog instead!

Also, for the first time, the UN released a song for IWD. Called “One Woman”, you can buy it from all the usual outlets. It is a catchy number. Find out more about it here.

Happy International Women’s Day 2013. Remember, we shall shine!

For more information about IWD and its older roots, see these websites:


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