Swimming update – 2 March 2013

I’ve now swum 1,378 lengths and I’ve finished up to Get Toned session 27.  And, I have my first exercise injury!

My left upper arm is really sore and I can’t raise the arm above horizontal without wincing.  This is a pain, particularly as I am now 3 sessions away from finishing the programme – and I was so looking forward to next week’s swimming.  Now, I’ll have to see how I feel and perhaps postpone it by a week!

I swam two sessions this week.

I really don’t like swimming with arms of one stroke and legs of another.  I tried breast stroke arms and front crawl legs – that wasn’t too bad.  Front crawl arms and breast stroke legs are really hard!

On the second session, I had to swim with one arm only and I think that’s when I pulled my muscle.  So, I’m not too fond of that drill either!

Next week, if I am fit to swim, I face a conundrum.  In session 29, the detail instructions add up to 80 lengths even though the overall total is 74.  I’m wondering what to do with that.  Even at 74 lengths, this is the longest session in the programme.  Keep tuned to find out the answer!


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