Swimming update – 22 February 2013

Slightly hiccough with the swimming and blogging.  This is the swimming update as of 22 Feb – but a little late, as you’ll see from the posting date.

I’ve now swum 1,279 lengths and I’ve finished up to Get Toned session 25.

I swam the first two sessions I’d planned in the week and then felt a bit ‘ick so decided that, discretion being the better part of valour, I’d rest.

The sessions went well.  I found them easy to do and I even managed one length of front crawl at the slow pace but with 3-stroke breathing.

The second session called for me to swim lengths using one arm only.  I chose breast stroke and I hated it.  Then I realised that I was going sideways – or diagonally – along the pool because my one arm was moving so as to push me sideways, not ahead.

Thinking about this, I realised further that what that meant was that, when swimming with two arms, part of my effort was going into each arm pushing sideways and, therefore, cancelling out. I adapted my stroke to push forward.

As an added benefit, this helped me understand what the Swimfit website says about back stroke.  It advises not to pull with your hand immediately after putting it in the water.  Instead, it says to turn the palm so it is facing the bottom of pool and moving it until it is in a position where it pushes directly forward.  Trying this later, I also realised that it seems to help with my problem of being swamped – having my palm facing down gives me a little lift in the water, avoiding the swamping.

In the course of 8 lengths of one-armed swimming, I went from an attitude of “this is such a stupid thing to have to do” to one of “wow, that’s interesting, what happens if I change my stroke?”.  And, then, I put that idea into practice in the rest of the session and I was elated at the improvement.  Not a bad outcome, eh?


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