Swimming update – 15 February 2013

I’ve now swum 1,179 lengths and I’ve finished up to Get Toned session 23.

I actually did four sessions this week, including an “extra” session on Monday because it and the session on Sunday were quite short and I wanted the exercise.

How’s it been going with swimming, you ask?

I’m really pleased that I now feel really pretty competent at all three strokes in my repertoire.  I’ve been doing a lot of slow swimming of back stroke and in that mode I’ve not been swamping myself in water – always a good feeling.  The last two sessions called for some harder paced back stroke and I discovered that I was back to getting a lot of water over my face.  However, I am more at ease with it, not thinking I’m about to drown!  At the same time, I’m really getting the hang of the 3-stroke breathing in front crawl.  It makes the work in skill development seem worthwhile.

I’m busy next week so probably only three sessions.



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