Swimming update – 1 February 2013

I’ve now swum 804 lengths.

I’ve finished half the programme and want to repeat Get Toned session 16 before I move on.

I did only 2 sessions this week.  Even though I am spoiled by the swimming pool on the doorstep and warm temperatures, I find myself easily put off by the rain!  I like swimming in the sunshine – it turns out.  I shall have to push through and get used to swimming in the dark and in inclement weather as the year moves towards winter.

I repeated session 15 and found it easier than the first time.  The back stroke I did in that session and in the second one that I swam in the week went much better than it had been going.  I am quite pleased really since I have not given up trying to swim it properly and I am getting better.  It is still definitely my least favourite stroke – that I can swim, that is: butterfly I can’t even contemplate!

I think that breathing every three strokes for front crawl is at the edge of my stamina or ability at the moment.  I experimented not doing that and found the whole session much easier.  I think I’ll work on that during skill development but not worry about it too much during main sessions.  To that end, I did an adapted version of session 16, doing front crawl skill development, rather than breast stroke.  As a result, I need to repeat session 16 properly before moving on.

So, off into the rain I must go!


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