Things I like – clothes shopping

I like shopping for clothes in Australia!

This is one in a series of posts about things I like about Australia and would miss if I were no longer here.  You can see them all using the “Things I like” tag.

I realise that when they see this post, my friends and family will say: “no, it can’t be true, not Jackie, liking clothes shopping!” Don’t worry, folks, I still don’t actually enjoy going shopping.  However, when I have ventured into that purgatory, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by what I’ve found here.  The surprise was because I had the impression from various people, Australian and others, that clothes shopping in Australia wasn’t up to much.

I have found the shop windows full of attractive clothes.  When I finally summoned up the energy to go inside the shops, I have also found lots of lovely clothes to buy.

I love the colours, the design, the materials and the quality of finish.

In particular, the stores have had lots of dresses.  I suppose they are very practical in the heat here.  The quality of the materials particularly in natural fibres is very high.  There is silk, cotton, cotton with silk.  Really excellent!

It is possible that the negative comments I had heard were about price.  And, there I can’t really comment.  I’m not sure what the comparatives are like.  If you are interested, you can look further at the web sites listed below to see what you think of the prices.  (Remember, the exchange is currently about Aussie $1.50 to UK pound £1.)

Anyway, my favourite stores are

  • Sportscraft for some of the loveliest blouses and dresses, see website here
  • Blooms Design for spectacular silk jackets and skirts, see website here
  • Veronika Maine for dresses, see website here

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