Why am I blogging?

Never one simply to do something if I can agonise over it instead, I have been wondering why I am blogging.

You may think this is an odd thing to blog about.  It has something of the self-fulfilling prophecy about it – mmm, yes, let’s write a blog in order to talk about why we’re writing a blog!  At the same time, a lot of what I read about social media starts from an assertion that you need to know what you are trying to achieve, your objectives in engaging with social media – your “why”, if you will – in order to set out the right format and frequency and style.

So why am I blogging?

I’ve always said I want to write.  As friends and colleagues who are writers keep telling me: then, write!  Blogging feels like an easy way into the practice of writing.

I have something to say.  My thoughts and conversation interest my friends and often make them laugh.  So, why not spread the joy?

In February 2012, I moved to Australia to work for a few years.  This is an adventure that many people wish to experience.  I have some tips that might be helpful.  In addition, it is a way for my far-away friends to keep up with what I am up to.

This is a personal blog, collecting the eclectic experiences and interests of my life outside work.  It seems like a good way to explore the whole art of blogging.  It is about the practice of writing for a blog, how to tame all the ideas and yet engage in the discipline of writing regular blog entries without it taking over my life.  In addition, I’m using it to learn more about the technology available to me.  Then I can apply that to my professional blogging.  (Ooh, does it count towards my Continuing Professional Development?)

Those are the “fors”.  At the same time, there is so much stuff.  I might even say too much stuff.  There are Twitter feeds; Facebook entries; LinkedIn entries; blogs published daily, weekly, hourly; compendia of news; content marketing from consulting firms, news outlets, professional bodies; and so on and on.  I reel before the onslaught and pick and choose, deleting more than I read.

I’m adding to the noise. Is that a good idea?

I guess time will tell.  Do people read it?  Do I get any comments?  What do I learn?  Do the ideas dry up?  Do I enjoy it?


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