Things I like – sparkling wine

One thing I like about Australia is the ready availability of sparkling wine – and it’s cheap!

This is the first of a series of posts about things I like about Australia and would miss if I were no longer here.  You will find that few of them are very profound.

So the first thing I wanted to mention is sparkling wine.  This is my drink of choice.  In the UK, I used to drink cava, the Spanish sparkling wine.

I was very pleased to find that sparkling wine is readily available in Australia.  You can get a glass in lots of bars and restaurants.  Moreover, it is relatively cheap.  It is normally about the same price as still wine, which is not normally the case in the UK.  This is particularly the case since the size of the sparkling wine glass is not that much smaller than the size of the still wine glass here.  Wine is served in glasses no bigger than 150 ml in Australia, whereas sparkling is normally in 100 ml or 120 ml glasses.

On a similar vein, you also get sparkling wine at catered events – work receptions and the like.  In the UK, again, it is rare because it is seen as a luxury so is served only at higher priced events.  Here it is more mundane and cheaper.

There are lots of different sparkling wines to choose from – and all Australian.  You can get champagne of course – that is proper champagne from France.  I have also seen Prosecco from Italy but I’ve not seen cava.

There is also sparkling shiraz.  This is a truly red wine, not a pink one.  It is quite a surprise when you first see it but it is very nice.  It has a bit more body than white sparkling.

The nice thing about travelling around Australia is that you then have a choice of locally produced wines, including sparkling.  You’d think I’d have kept a note of all the ones I’ve enjoyed but I haven’t.  So, you’ll just have to wait until you can try them out for yourself.

I will mention two that I have enjoyed.  Philip Shaw produces wine in Orange, NSW, and I’ve had his sparkling in a restaurant.  Jansz Tasmania also produces a very nice drop. Not that this is cheap: it is a special occasion wine.

So, that is my first “thing I like about Australia”.  Check back for more over the coming weeks.


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