It’s Christmas!

This is one of the posts I was meaning to write earlier – can you tell?  But I don’t want the pictures to go to waste.  🙂

I’ve been walking to work since I started at the beginning of March 2012.  One of my favoured routes was to walk through the ground floor of the QVB.  The QVB is the local, typically Australian, TLA for the Queen Victoria Building, a Victorian shopping centre here in the middle of Sydney:

The web site seems to be down but you can read more either here, if it comes back to life, or here, thanks to Wikipedia.

At the beginning of November, as the weather was warming up nicely, I was happily walking to work.  I turned into the central hallway of the QVB and was confronted by a huge dark cylinder, taking up the space.  What could it be and how inconvenient would it be, I wondered.

Imagine my surprise when I next walked through the QVB to find it was all decorated with greenery and lights.


It was a Christmas tree.  It reached all the way to the domed roof, above the second floor gallery.  It was extremely difficult to capture on camera.  Here you see one picture looking up to the dome – with a tree that looks quite large enough even if it didn’t stretch down two more floors – and one looking down, attempting to show the lower level.

 SONY DSCLookingDownTree

Decorated by Swaroksky crystals, as explained on this plaque – and, yes, there is a Swarovsky store in the QVB.


Not to be totally outdone, Pyrmont, the suburb where I live, had its own tree, in Union Square.  Again, it was not a tree but a framework decorated with branches.  The whole structure, including the crates of greenery around it, were brought in and assembled by the council.  This style of tree was quite common around Sydney.

 Union Square Christmas tree

2012 Christmas Tree in Union Square


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