Getting in the Swim

I’ve started to do some regular swimming in an effort to get fit – or fitter. I’m using a British web site, Swimfit, to guide me.  So far it’s been 456 lengths!

Since starting work at IIA-Australia, I’ve been able to do something I’ve wanted to do for ages: walk to work.  It is possible, given where the offices are and where we are living. It takes about 30 minutes each way, so it is a good daily exercise.

However, I didn’t really feel that I was getting much fitter.  So, I decided to take advantage of the long Christmas break to get re-started with swimming.  I need to try to build a habit that lasts through long hours of work and the dark evenings of winter – even though that is a long way off.

I’ve tried to do the Swimfit course a few times.  It has various programmes you can follow.  This time I chose “Get Toned” because it sounded achievable when I didn’t feel very fit.  I can always move on to “Get Fit” when I successfully complete the programme.

There are 30 sessions in the programme, starting from 22 lengths and ending up with over 70! I found 22 lengths quite a challenge at first but I’ve now done 60 in a session so I can already feel a difference. I’ve been going every other day or so – slight interruptions over Christmas when there were other things on.

The key thing is that I do enjoy it. So, I hope that I’ll be able to carry on and build a sustainable habit.  I’ll blog from time to time, so check back.  And, let me know if you’ve taken up any exercise with the New Year.

If you are interested in the Swimfit programmes, you can find them at


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