Repeat after me: 2013, it’s 2013, it’s 2013 …

It struck me as funny that I found it so hard to write 2013 at the end of the date.  Why is that? I don’t normally have a problem with the date, with the season, with my location. But, when the year changes, it catches me out for weeks.

All the self-help gurus and self development books talk about forming new habits.  They give different estimates as to how long this takes: 66 days, 21 days – yes, they are quite precise for estimates.

So, it seems to me that writing the date correctly is just a habit.  I don’t have a real sense of being or existing in 2013 as opposed to 2012. You wouldn’t write “London” when in Sydney, would you?  Well, you might if you were on a whistle-stop tour and all hotel rooms looked the same.

I suppose that just reinforces the idea that 2013 looks the same as 2012 when you are living it.  It is an artificial difference, not a real one.

Not that this prevents us from spending money and time celebrating the change from one to the other!  And, no harm there.  The fireworks were fun.  🙂

Meanwhile, I like the suggestion for a resolution for 2013.


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