Oh, no! How embarrassing!

I nearly missed a flight yesterday – for the first time ever. I certainly made myself ill in public. And all from a thoughtless confusion of time.

I blame it on Queenslanders’ decision not to move to summertime. I had fixed in my mind that my flight to Melbourne was at 6 pm – which it was, on the Sydney clocks. Unfortunately for me, but entirely reasonably, Brisbane airport runs on the Brisbane clocks.

So, there I was, sitting in QantasClub, quite surprised to find I had quite a long time to kill until my flight left at 6 pm, when I suddenly hear my name over the tannoy. Publicity of the wrong kind!

Eek! I gather my belongings and leave my glass of sparkling wine and set off at a trot. Qantas called my mobile and I told them I was on the way – it didn’t seem to get through to the gate though who continued to page me.

Of course it didn’t help that I misread the signs and headed down the wrong concourse. That multiplied the distance I had to travel by 3, moved my concern level to outright panic and made me run. All of which meant, gentle reader, that I arrived at the gate completely out of breath, red in the face and looking ill enough for the flight attendant to ring ahead and arrange water for me at my seat!!

Happily, it wasn’t me who held up the plane – my lateness allowed a young woman to rush out and retrieve her mobile phone. See, people, I did good! 🙂 (Yes, see those straws clutched in my shaking hand!)

I then spent the next half an hour coughing, spluttering, wheezing, choking and feeling I would add to the embarrassment by throwing up at my seat. Thank heavens for the lovely lady in 26F who sacrificed a number of her sweets to help me control my throat. (Have to say the Qantas crew weren’t so proactive or concerned.)

So, on the plus side, I caught my flight and my voice is almost back to normal now – who knew that running hard in panic could steal the voice away? Oh, everyone, eh? Well, I didn’t until last night.

The lesson is: triple check that diary entries are in the right time zone and, in any case, Jackie, given that the magic QantasClub card check-in doesn’t give you a boarding card with a time on it, check your itinerary – carefully.


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