First days of Spring…and I’m not there

This is not the way I imagined it – Spring is springing in Australia and I’m in the Northern hemisphere…

I arrived in Australia on 28 February. Almost immediately it was Autumn and the long fall into Winter had begun. Of course, the Winter in Sydney is not quite the Winter in London. No long dark nights. No snow. No insidious damp cold edging into my bones. And, the Summer we missed in London wasn’t one to write home about – and yet I did miss it. I missed the long, light nights and the pure delight of those occasional glorious days.

Now the Summer is fading even in Southern Spain. I’m sure thoughts in London are turning to the hope of an Indian Summer but meanwhile it is all back-to-school and cabinet reshuffles and new drama seasons, as the rhythm of life picks up again.

It may be because I’m in Europe, albeit on holiday with my mother, but I can feel that same rhythm strongly. I wonder how long that takes to fade, or to be replaced by the rhythms of the Southern seasons of work?

It won’t be long before I’m attempting to pick up their trace through the fog of jet lag – due back in Sydney on Sunday morning – so we’ll see how that goes. Meanwhile, happy new season, world!


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