The wonders of wireless

No, not the radio. Not that kind of wireless!
A few years ago this would have been science fiction. I’m sitting in a hotel in Singapore, talking to my partner in Sydney. And, best of all, no marginal cost…

Of course, we had to both have iPads. iPhones or iPod Touches would have done, I suppose, but the iPad has the advantage of size. And we have to have broadband and wireless modems at home where he is. And I have to have reasonable speed wireless with 24 hours’ worth already paid for.

But, still, no marginal cost with FaceTime – or with Skype (very funny! Apple’s spell check can’t correct Skpe to be Skype! Tee hee!)

So, I’m sitting here having a glass of wine and, if we’d wanted to, we could both have got a drink and had a chat as if we were in the same room. Wonderful.

Of course, the downside is that when I can’t get wireless internet I feel bereft. And the fact that 3G networks are so expensive outside your home country means they are no compensation.

My world has shifted so that something that didn’t exist a few years ago is almost a necessity. What next, eh?


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