Making the world dance, go Jessie!

One thing and another means that I am commenting on the London 2012 Closing Ceremony over 24 hours after it started.  So, I thought I’d just comment on my favourite things in a blog rather than writing lots of small entries.  These are my highlights.  What are yours?

Emeli Sandé – the other Adele – I wonder if she was just a few years late to use her own first name?  What a voice!

Timothy Spall – as Churchill – well, he had to be there and his words drew a long thread between the opening and the closing.

Ray Davies and Waterloo Sunset – I liked that. Great part of the day in London.

Poor Elbow – a bit lost to the TV audience as all the athletes came in – but I guess they enjoyed being there.

George Michael – a little flat, especially compared to what the others did – why no props, George?

Eric Idle’s “Always look on the bright side”, inspiring performance, inspired production – except: the Indian dancers?  Did that do injustice to either Eric or the dancers and their tradition?

And from the dead – John Lennon in never before seen footage of Imagine – ah! And Freddie – Mercury of course – able to get thousands of people going even from beyond the grave.

In contrast to George, lots of performers used props to great advantage.  I didn’t really get Annie’s ghost ship, the Pet Shop Boys channelled Spanish church societies and, therefore, the Klu Klux Klan; and part of the fashion floats echoed Berlin 1936.  However, what about that Tinie Tempah and Taio Cruz in their Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupés (yes, I had to look that up!) and the Spice Girls in – and on – their appropriately decorated London taxis.

Of course, Brian May didn’t need any props to sound like a huge rock band – but he wore a coat with badgers and foxes to bring his other interests to the attention of a HUGE TV audience.

And finally a Welsh male voice choir to represent the more traditional music with the gospel choir, the orchestra and the colliery band.

I liked the samba and the colour of the Rio preview.

Then there was the moving standing ovation for the volunteers.

Who writes Seb Coe’s speeches?  They are brilliant!  Maybe he shouldn’t take a higher peerage but leave the Lords and stand for Prime Minister!

I loved the idea of the Olympic flame built from petals carried in by the nations and being given to them to take home.  And, the phoenix rising as it lowered was a wonderful image with all the dancers.

The Who did a good job to close it all out on a rock rhythm.  I thought for a minute there they were going to do a CSI set!

But Jessie J, eh? Perfect voice; enthusiastic, happy persona filling the stadium; making the world dance; writing on the stars with Tinie Tempah; and, oh my word, pulling off a personal but respectful vocal for We will rock you.  Yes, you will!


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