Last day of summer!

The last day of February is known as the last day of summer in Australia. (I did *not* know that!)

On the last day of summer, we moved into our first apartment in Australia – and the first rented apartment we’ve been in together. That in itself is strange to me. When I started work in the 80s in London, everyone bought flats as soon as possible and the rental market was small and not well stocked. And yet here we are now going back to the position of renting. I know lots of others do it all the time but for me it feels slightly odd, being in a place that isn’t mine. I wonder if that feeling will remain? We’ll see.

On the last day of summer the sun rose at 6:40 but I couldn’t see it. The city was shrouded in cloud. (I’ll see later if I can add a picture to show you, dear readers.) And for most of the day it rained.

Funny thing about grey skies and rain – I brace myself to wrap up and be cold as England has taught me. But here, in February at least, it is warm. People don’t put on coats. Even the umbrellas remain unfurled until the rain becomes heavy. I felt fortunate since my coat(s) spent the day tucked up in one of the large suitcases, almost impossible to find.

So, it’s “do svidanya, leto” and hello, living in Sydney.


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