First day in Sydney

After a long silence, keeping to myself the predictable traumas and long hours of preparing to move out of our flat and around the world, I’ll start again here at this new start.

We arrived in Sydney at about 8 a.m. on Tuesday 28 February 2012.

This was two hours later than planned. BA009 took off late and never quite made up the time. The pilots flew higher and faster; they squeezed our stop-over in Bangkok to the barest minimum; yet nothing could make much of a difference. What it did mean is that we missed our restorative shower in Bangkok. Shame!

Apart from that, everything was very smooth. We slept on the plane, particularly on the longer first leg. Food was good. We breezed through immigration, helped by the Express Lane card from BA Club and the clever electronic system that the Australians deploy. All six of our cases arrived in one piece. We didn’t cause any trouble for Customs – good job, given that they were filming the reality TV show. I wouldn’t want to appear on that after a 28-hour journey (counted from when the car picked us up)! Our Town Car was waiting and its little luggage trailer swallowed up all the cases really easily. And we were in our room at the Novotel Darling Harbour by 10.

Given that such smoothness lacks any drama, what else can I tell you?

First impressions:
1. The traffic from the airport seemed much easier than London traffic.
2. There are fewer people on the streets than in London.
3. It was 24 degrees C at 8 o’clock this morning!
4. I’m sitting in a wet swimsuit in cloud and I’m not at all cold – very nice!

After a day of R&R today, tomorrow the settling-in begins.


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