A difficult question of priorities

Mmm, so quickly do good intentions evaporate in the light of daily demands.

I managed to post when on holiday in Spain, thanks to Benawifi’s ever improving service, but a weekend at home defeated me – or caused me a setback because here I am, making a mark again.

My problem is that in 3 days I leave my job and I’m still working hard at that; and in 9 days the nice men come to pack up our house so by the evening in 8 days’ time the stuff I’m taking must be largely packed and the stuff I’m shipping must be put out; and I’m leaving the country for several years so various banking and other arrangements must be sorted. Panic yet, anyone?

Set against that, it proved hard to find not just the time but the energy and concentration to write a blog.

So, please, dear reader, be gentle; and I’ll keep up a stuttering flow of thoughts and ideas. Back soon…


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