Momento is to diary as Twitter is to blog, or is it?

I like the iPhone app, Momento. It allows me to document short notes of what is happening, collect them with entries into Twitter and Facebook, export them to text files on my computer and so into my diary. A great way to keep up on the diary when time is short.

But, I asked myself last month why I would rather write a “moment” than a tweet? I thought then that I retain a reluctance to broadcast all of my doings and thoughts. I wonder if that is generational or individual?

That then lead me to thinking about diaries. I’m keen on writing a diary and I feel better, more settled in myself, when I write it regularly, recording what I’ve done and how I feel. However, I have found that the Momento approach has also been satisfying – it’s allowed me to keep track of what’s been going on, by writing a few notes when I can, even if I haven’t sat down and written a lot at the keyboard.

And then my mind moved to blogs. I set out in 2011 to blog on a regular basis and I failed. I found that I had lots of ideas but that I censored myself. I could use my iPhone to jot down the ideas but I felt I needed to find a chunk of time when I could hone the idea and the writing. That meant I needed not only time but also energy and even some feeling of optimism and confidence. It seemed almost impossible to marshall all of those emotional resources at one point in the day when I also had access to a computer.

It seemed to me that Twitter ought almost to provide the same service for the blogging me as Momento does for the diary-writing me. And yet it hasn’t worked out like that. I suppose because Momento allows completely disjointed, fragments of sentences while Twitter encourages a whole thought and is in fact a pretty honed form. Moreover I think a blog that was simply a collection of tweets would not be satisfying to read.

What has made a difference to the blogging me is a change of attitude and concerted use of a different app: the WordPress app. I’ve decided to post every day and, to do that, to be freer with myself, not to expect every post to be a masterpiece but to expect that the overall quality of my posts will improve with time and that each post will appeal for different reasons to different people. I’m going to go for it – and evaluate how well it is going several months down the track. The WordPress app lets me start writing a post wherever I am so that I can make the most of bursts of inspiration and short windows of time.

So, no, the answer is that Twitter is not to Blog as Momento is to Diary.


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