To fly, to serve and other slogans

Posting once a day seems a little tricky from where I sit: 30,000 feet and 4 hours’ late.

I’m on my way home from my weekend in Benalmádena. The delay is only partly caused by the snow and the inevitable “travel chaos”. It turns out the BA captain – a full four stripes – had the plane fully inspected after meeting severe turbulence Southbound over the Pyrenees. And that’s how long it took for him to be satisfied.

Speaking for myself, I’d prefer a delay to a potentially dangerous plane. I only wish that they’d provided information to their customers. To fly, to serve, maybe. But also think about serving your customers when not actually flying, eh, BA?

So, here I am, at cruising height, using my beloved iPhone to draft a post. Then I can publish it while waiting for my bags at London City. To quote another British slogan: “Simples!”


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