An awfully big Adventure!

Later this month I’m going to Australia – with my partner, to work for a few years, based in Sydney.

So, these virtual meanderings will be following my physical meandering from London on my BIG AUSTRALIAN ADVENTURE!

I spent several months in 2011 hoping it would happen while trying to avoid burning bridges in case it didn’t. Then finally the visa was granted and I could hand in my notice. Straight after that the need to prepare for Christmas took precedence but from 28 December onwards I’ve organising and cataloguing and sorting out and deciding whether to part with objects or not.

We’ve done a small amount of work to make the house ready for letting. And, yes, why didn’t we update the kitchen before and enjoy it for longer?

My partner’s dealt with almost all the work on the house: finding and dealing with trades, constant cleaning and tidying, journeys to the tip and recycling centre, walks up to the charity centre, waiting around for people to collect items posted on Freecycle. I’ve contributed the odd decision.

Now we’re into the last few weeks. Three weeks today the removers arrive to start packing. Eek! Back to the to-do list.


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