Pick something that annoys me…

… and redesign how it works

Topic comes from The Daily Post

Where do I start?  Well, something slightly frivolous on this sunny London day.

UK Sky News!  They have a pull-through on the Standard Definition (SD) version of the weather forecast.  It goes “Name of town Symbol of weather High temperature in Celsius”.  This is fine for the first and last names but in the middle it is really, really not obvious to which name the symbols and numbers refer.

Looking at it more closely, I observe that part of the problem is that the temperature number seems closer to the name than the symbol does.  As a result, it gives the impression that the temperature precedes the name.

Solution: either add a divider, which could be: – : ¦ or something else in the graphic artist’s toolkit, or change the spacing so that at a glance in the middle of the stream you can see which block of information belongs together.  I’d like that!


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